Blakely Faces: Patrick Matthews

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June 17, 2024

Blakely Faces: Patrick Matthews

Patrick Matthews 
Personal Trainer | Hustle

We took a trip out to Wymondham in South Norfolk to catch up with personal trainer Patrick Matthews at Hustle gym to show us the ropes and take us through a client session. Strength training, running, and Hyrox are Patrick’s areas of expertise - he helps guide and support clients on their journeys to become the best version of themselves. Hustle prides itself on being an all inclusive space, people of all abilities are welcome to join and participate in this ever growing community.

Christian Toetzke and Moritz Furste created the concept of Hyrox which sees participants try their hand at various different activities. Inclusivity is at the heart of every race, in the words of Christian & Moritz regardless of ability, you can be sure that ‘No one finishes last!’ Patrick explains that Hyrox has become a major focus for him. He has just competed for the second time, with this being his first solo entry. In January he successfully took part as a duo in men's doubles, swiftly catching the bug, he couldn’t resist a solo attempt.

Patrick tells us about his journey so far and what made him pursue a career in personal training.

‘It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think about at night. I enjoy going to the gym, and enjoy coaching people. Combine the two, and I’ve got myself a pretty nice career’

Patrick puts our Training Club collection to the test as he takes us through his daily routine. His passion and dedication is evident as we talk through his approach to motivating his clients. Whilst many search high and low for motivation, his philosophy is simple.

‘If you’re doing anything to better yourself, inside or outside of fitness, if you have a goal, if you want to do something, then stick to it and follow it through’

After a thorough workout we hydrate and catch our breath, Patrick still looks sharp and composed (we wish we could say the same) - He goes on to share the importance of his appearance, and where Blakely fits into his wardrobe.

‘It’s all part of being a personal trainer, we have a lot of kit that we need. Not just the weights and things, but the clothing and the way we present ourselves is really important. Blakely’s Training Club collection is perfect for that’

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