September in Los Angeles

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September 27, 2023

September in Los Angeles

In the heart of the City of Angels, where the sun-kissed streets meet the palm-lined boulevards, we embarked on a journey to capture the new Blakely collection.

blakely clothing los angeles photoshoot oversized hoodie

Los Angeles, with its vibrant energy and fitness-forward culture, served as the perfect backdrop for our Blakely Clothing photoshoot. Join us as we take you through the incredible visuals and the story behind our shoot ideas for the latest oversized womens jumpers, mens oversized hoodies and sweatpants and leggings.

More than just a city; LA is a lifestyle. Our location reflected the essence of our collection - the seamless fusion of fashion and fitness. We selected some of LA's most iconic spots, from the legendary Venice Beach boardwalk to the All American sports field. With some signature faces such as Ted Pullin we introduced our new Blakely Clothing activewear and caps.

The team set down for 9 days of sun, fashion and photography. Being in the city made it easy to mix up the look of each set, from athleisure wear perfect for the coffee run and off duty celebrities to our full kit for a hard training session in the gym or on the track.

We hiked through scenic trails, discovering hidden beaches and taking in the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The tranquility of Malibu provided a refreshing contrast to the bustling city only a few miles away.

Los Angeles is not just about movies and beaches though; it's a hub of art and culture too. You can spend a cultural day at the Getty Center, where the stunning architecture and world-class art collections leave you inspired. The Getty's gardens offer a serene escape, with panoramic views of the city as a backdrop.

The team left feeling inspired and energised ready to head back to HQ and bring our customers the newest products from Blakely.

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